Frequent questions

What is the beginners’ program?

The beginners program is a 4 weeks yoga program, in which you will have classes of 45/60
minutes each , that focus both on strengthening and stretching the body.
In these online classes you will be guided step by step by Martina Sergi, certified yoga teacher, as
if you were in a real class in a yoga studio.
These classes are for everyone, if you never did yoga before, if you just started it, or if you already
practice at home but you feel you need more guidance.

How can I purchase the beginner’s program?

To buy the program click on this link, you will be redirected to the page where you can add the product to the cart and proceed with the purchase.

How can I access to the beginner’s program?

You can access your course (after your purchase) by logging in your account. Just click on the button “My Courses” located in the top right corner of your Personal Account area.

Once in, you will find all the purchased courses. To start a course, just click on the title.

The course is made up of four modules (4 weeks), each module/week features five video lessons. Click on the day you wish to begin from to start a lesson.

What happens when I complete Beginners Program?

The classes you purchased are yours and always will be, you can watch them again anytime you wish.

Does Beginners Program have an expiry date?

It does not. Once purchased, video lessons are yours forever and you can freely access them anytime.

Can I watch it on all of my devices?

Yes! You can watch it on any device, you only need an internet connection.

What is Find Your Power program about?

Find your Power is a 12-week program focused on strengthening your body, while, at the same time, stretching it. Unlike my other projects, it is not an actual yoga practice, but a yoga-inspired way of doing workout.

This ebook was born out of the wish of giving you a program that could help strengthening your body and empower your confidence by showing you what your body really is capable of.

This program is particularly suited to those of you who want a strong and elastic body, and to work on advanced-level poses like, for example, inversions and arm balance.

I already have a daily yoga routine, can I still use Find Your Power?

If you already have your yoga routine, you can just incorporate Find Your Power at the beginning of your yoga practice.

I am enrolled in Beginners Program, can I still use Find Your Power?

Of course. If you are currently following Beginners Program, you should just put Find Your Power at the beginning of your class.

What happens when I complete Find Your Power 12-week’s course?

At the end of the program, you could just do it all over again. The more you practice, the more you’ll be able to increase exercises execution’s speed ad number of  repetitions. Each and one retake of the program will be a new challenge for your body.

What about the time required to do Find Your Power workouts?

Find Your Power workouts have a minimum duration of 20 minutes and a maximum of 40.

How do I purchase Find Your Power ebook?

Just click on this link, you will be automatically directed to the product page, where you could add the ebook to your basket and finalize the purchase.

Once I finalize the purchase, how do I get the ebook?

Once you have completed the payment of your e-book go to the “My account” section, click on the “Download” item on the left menu and download your ebook!

Can I download the ebook on all my devices?

Of course! You’ll just need a pdf reading software, like Ibooks or Adobe Acrobat Reader, installed on the devices of your choice.

How can i pay?

Right now payment methods are restricted to debit/credit card from Visa, MasterCard and American Express card schemes.
We remind you that all payments will be issued over a secure HTTPS connection, through STRIPE service.

*remember to check if your card has enough funds to finalize the purchase.

Can I pay with wire transfer?

Unfortunately, this payment method is not supported.

Can I pay with credit/debit card?

Yes, you can purchase with credit/debit card, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

How can I update my personal information?

You can update all your personal data from “My account” area, in your personal profile by clicking on “Account Details”.

I forgot my password!

If you already registered to and you forgot your login password, just click on “Forgot your password?” in “My account” page. Enter your registered email address; you will receive an email to the registered email address with the password reset link.

How is my data protected?

All your personal data will be treated according to Data Protection Directive and existing rules concerning data privacy and protection. For more information, visit our Privacy e cookie policy page.

Where do I find my receipt?

You can find all your receipt in “Your Account” section. Just select “Orders” and you will be able to check and download you receipt pdf.

I can’t log in!

Be sure there are no issues with your internet connection. Enter your registration email and password. If you don’t remember what your password is, just select “Forgot your password?” in “My account” page. Then enter your registered email address; you will receive an email to the registered email address with the password reset link.

I have a coupon code, where do I put it?

You can enter the coupon code in your Cart, during your purchase by clicking on the “Apply coupon” button.

What is Smart Yoga?

Smart Yoga is a book, written in Italian, thought for those who want to start yoga and for those who are already practising at home, but need more guidance. Inside, you will find more than 50 asanas explained in detail and some sequences with different focuses.

Is Smart Yoga available in English?

No, for now, Smart Yoga is available only in Italian, but we are hoping it will be translated soon.

I want the invoice

If you want to request an invoice, entering all the necessary data at this link

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